Liquor License and Restaurants

Owners and operators of restaurants and establishments having liquor licenses face unique issues as part of their business.

Liquor licenses are regulated under a complex set of laws, rules and practices, which originate from the time after Prohibition. A creative forward-thinking approach can help clients maximize the benefit of ownership of a liquor license, while always remaining mindful of all legal requirements that must be adhered to. Witt Law represents purchasers of liquor licenses in New Jersey and New York during all stages, from the offer for a license, through the application process to completion of the purchase. Once a client owns the liquor license, we can advise on compliance.

Restaurants can also benefit from an attorney with experience representing similar businesses, and by someone who understands the business itself. We have experience in restaurant management and ownership, and understands the many issues faced by business owners. We have represented clients in all stages of ownership, from the initial offer and purchase through years of operation, and sale. Issues relative to the premises, health and safety, employment and customers may all have a legal impact, for which there is no substitute for an experienced, skillful attorney.