Non-Profit Organizations

Witt Law counsels non-profit organizations from the planning stage, through organization and the application process, and as operating entities.

Entities that operate as non-profits include charitable foundations, educational, social service, literary, musical, theatrical, political action, public safety, and religious organizations as well as trade associations, health care providers, and homeowners associations. Each non-profit faces legal issues unique to its organizational structure and mission statement. In order to function most effectively and within the law, these entities need knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel to guide them through the many constraints of their operations and to meet potential challenges as they occur.

Issues common to non-profits include:

  • IRS rules and regulations (including 501(c)(3) exempt status) 
  • Governance through formation documents, by-laws and state law 
  • State laws regarding non-profit legal status 
  • Duties of boards of trustees and officers 
  • Liabilities of paid and unpaid personnel 
  • Fund-raising and financial obligations regarding charitable giving 
  • Employment and compensation issues 
  • Different membership structures 
  • Staff/ board/ volunteer relations 
  • Legal issues in planning, implementing, and managing programs 
  • Private inurement and lobbying 
  • Contract and lease review 

Because of their special status, non-profits must pay particular attention to the economics of running their organizations, and the rules that they are required to adhere to. Witt Law, LLC helps non-profit organizations address the issues they face.